Should you consider composite front doors?

Let’s face it, in the world of doors, you won’t really be left wanting in terms of material choice. There are the traditional wood and wooden board doors. Then you have the more recent aluclad and vinyl doors. And then finally, we have the latest trend; composite front doors. The public interest in composite front doors is off the charts.

But the question remains, are these composite front doors the right choice for you?

Pros of composite front doors

Let’s start with the obvious, the build quality. These front doors are composed of a mixture of different materials, that is, they are a combination of the best properties each material has to offer. And thus, these composite front doors manage to massively outperform their single-material peers. 

Their multi-layered composition means that they are highly resistant to all that the weather has to throw at them. For example, unlike wood, discolouration or even warping is very unlikely to affect the structural integrity of composite front doors.

Since they are not restricted to one material, they are available in various glazing, styling and colour options. There’s one for every style of home.

Cons of composite front doors

All these combinations of different materials, glazings etc. come at a cost. Therefore, these composite front doors tend to be much, much more expensive than their wooden or even aluclad counterparts. In fact, don’t be surprised if these composite front doors cost 2x and upwards, when compared to wooden offerings.

This next con is a very subjective one. Wood has a natural feeling of ‘warmth’ that cannot be replicated by any other material. Our technology hasn’t progressed to that extent where we can replicate this natural ‘warmth’ property of wood. So, do keep that in mind, especially if you have a more historic, or classic-styled home.